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The Spade-Men
Welcome, discerning viewer, to the Spade-Men. If you have just tuned in, you are probably wondering "Who exactly are the Spade-Men?", or perhaps "What sick and twisted mind invented this comic?". These are just some of the questions we may or may not get around to answering as we write the viewer's guide.
All of the important parts of the Spade-Men web site can now be accessed from The Spade Chamber, the main menu of this site. This page tells you a bit more about what each link will take you to.
The Spade-Men comic series originated in the mind of a man known to his friends acquaintances as "Understanding Jon", and is based around the fictional antics of a group of high school and university friends turned superheroes (or, in at least one case, turned blue-skinned bubble-headed alien). For those unfamiliar with the real-life people who are the inspiration of the Spade-Men, it's probably better for all concerned that you stay that way. However, the important elements of these folks can be gleaned from the "Meet the Spade-Men" page.
At first, to get to know the main players, we recommend you ask Rob McGlurk... Who are the Spade-Men?
And once you've met the Spade-Men, get to know the dark side: Meet the villains!
After you've found out all about the Spade-Men, and we hope read the comic
...why not see some of the magnificent creativity that has been associated with or inspired by the Spade-Men? To see fan art, cover artwork, and other fine titbits, enter the gallery!
Did you miss the issue of Time featuring the Spade-Men? Catch up on what you missed in News and Reviews
Want to have your say, or see what others have had to say? Visit the brand new Spade-Message board
Then, to meet the players, start with "Jefferys" - before they were Spade-Men!